About Geoff Cann

Geoff Cann's career began back in 1971 as an apprentice carpenter. At the age of 20 in order to gain hands-on experience in the industry, he moved to Germany and worked first in a local joinery shop in Osnabrück for 6 years. The next 19 years he spent in Berlin honing his skills in furniture design and construction specializing in building kitchens and bathrooms as a bespoke interior designer. Later he expanded his business to include designing offices, pubs and restaurants, doctor surgeries and private homes. As time progressed, he acquired additional skills and gained even more hands-on experience as an already highly capable bespoke interior designer.

In all those years, Geoff worked closely with architects on joint projects mainly on construction of apartment blocks where, on occasions, he was responsible for the raw construction. Other projects included complete construction and fine finishings. (turn-key projects)

Geoff Cann returned to London in 2000. Ever since he has worked on house extensions, home refurbishments, loft conversions, landscape gardening, from garage conversions to recreational rooms/offices, bathrooms and kitchens, designing and installing double-glazed windows and doors as a professional bespoke interior designer.

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